flood control and irrigation

Flood control pumping stations are often waiting in stand-by mode but when heavy rainfall suddenly strikes, they must be immediately ready to start pumping thousands of cubic meters of polluted rainwater containing lots of Debris. The flood pumps must not get blocked during these critical hours! The Archimedean screw pump is the only type of pump that can offer this reliability


flood control and irrigation

Irrigation of agricultural land is essential in many areas of the world in order to maximise crop yields to feed an ever growing population. In many instances the water source is close to hand, with one problem it is at a level which is lower than the land to be irrigated, the level difference being only a few metres.

To solve this problem, a reliable pumping station system which is economical to run and simple to maintain. Thus, screw pumps are ideal solution because even with inlet level fluctuation, the pump efficiency is almost uneffected by changing levels. Also, the screw pump will automatically pump less when the level in front of the pump decreases.

Although it is not required to have screenings in front of screw pumps because of its robustness. Our heavy duty trash rake with raking capacity of 500kg/lifting is an added solution to avoid rubbish or Debris from going to paddy fields, etc.

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