Armed with over a hundred years of experience in designing and building (waste) water treatment solutions and equipment, quality has always been our prime consideration and has earned our sound reputation. Spaans is specialized in the design and manufacture of water treatment equipment such as screw pumps and screw generators.

archimedean screw pump

Compact Screw Pump
For this type there is no civil construction required! A prefabricated self-supporting steel construction with integrated inlet-section, outlet-section, trough, screw pump and drive unit is preassambled in our factory and shipped in one piece, ready for immediate installation.          archimedean screw pump-Compact Screw Pump
Concrete Trough
The classic and most common form is the arrangement of the screw pump in an open concrete trough where the screw, suspended between the upper- and lower bearing, rotates free from the trough with a minimal gap of only a few millimetres.          archimedean screw pump-Concrete Trough
Steel Trough Liner
Although this type requires a similar civil construction as the previous described ‘concrete trough’, there is however no screeding to be done!; instead a prefabricated steel trough liner is backfilled with concrete.          archimedean screw pump-Steel Trough Liner

 For high flow low head pumping
 Up to 12m head for a single unit
 Up to 11m3/s for a single unit
 Simple and robust with low speed operation
 High efficiency, clog free, fish friendly
 No dry run hazard
 ECO- Bearing (free maintenance type)

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