The BORMET Fine Screen is a traveling, continuous filter band type, designed to operate at the headworks of municipal wastewater treatment facilities. The gap width of the filter elements can be made to meet the desired minimum particle size removal. It is also suitable for numerous industrial applications ranging from vegetable preparation to pulp and paper mills.

Design Features

The BORMET Fine Screen main feature revolves around the its patented design. The individual filter elements are mounted on support shafts that make up separate blocks. Each block is mounted onto the drive chains without any interconnection to an adjacent block. Each block is capable of being removed from the machine yet still allow the screen to be operated. Therefore, it is not necessary for the screen to be out of
service or even returned to the factory for repair.

Heavy duty

The drive chains for the filter elements are heavy duty and are manufactured from stainless steel. There are two chains, one on each side of the filter screen and each chain is made from double-sided links and are standard on every BORMET fine screen.


Each filter block does not interlock or interconnect with the adjacent blocks therefore, no wear occurs between the moving parts. Wear occurs in designs where the adjacent filter elements are interlocked together, as seen in competitive products, where as the screen moves and rotates the individual elements rub together and wear is induced which is greatly amplified by the introduction of sand and grit in the influent. The BORMET design does not have adjacent filter elements that contact each other, thereby eliminating the possibility of wear.

Easy Maintenance

Due to the simplicity of the design and construction, the BORMET fine screen is easily inspected and maintained. All maintenance and repairs can be carried out without any special training or special tools. All of the drive equipment and shaft bearings are located on the external surface of the equipment for easy maintenance accessibility.

  • Easy removal of the filter element blocks.
  • Removal of a filter block does not take the screen out of service.
  • Front removal of the filter blocks means minimal spacing between adjacent screens.
  • The BORMET screen can be easily retrofitted to existing channels.
  • Large and small particles removed from flow stream easily handled.
  • Two speed drive motor.
  • Separate drive for cleaning brush.
  • Spray header to remove small particles from the filter elements.
  • Screenings discharge can be made to suit installation requirements.

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