The OMEGA Gravity Belt Thickener is designed for the continuous mechanical thickening of municipal or industrial sludge. This simple and efficient technology aims at reducing the sludge volume at least 4 times with following characteristics:

  • low energy consumption,
  • stainless steel construction,
  • easy and low maintenance and supervision

The gravity belt thickener can be used :

  • As a final step to increase the sludge DS concentration to 6–8%. Therefore, replacing conventional gravity static thickener, flotation system
  • As a pre-dewatering stage when combined in-line with a Belt Filter Press to optimize the Belt Filter Press operation and performances
  • As a pre-dewatering stage before a Plate Filter Press or centrifuge to downsize the dewatering equipment
  • For sludge volume reduction before anaerobic digestion process to reduce digester size