End suction pump is the most common type of centrifugal pump, almost always single stage pump and the most cost-effective types of centrifugal pumps. It consists of one impeller (either open or semi-) and a volute type casing. Most are driven by electric motor. Other options include hydraulic motor, diesel engine, steam turbine and gasoline engine.

Our centrifugal end suction pump is from BBA Pumps, a leading manufacturer of mobile pumps and piping systems for over 60 years with country of origin from the Netherlands. Our end suction pumps is single stage and can either be electric-driven, diesel-driven and also tractor-driven! BBA pumps are developed for use in a variety of applications:

  • flood control
  • construction
  • wellpointing
  • sewer bypassing
  • mine dewatering
  • bentonite and sludge

1.Auto Priming Pump

Featuring 100% mechanical priming system, this type of pump quickly prime and re-prime, even from dry conditions. After starting the unit, the vacuum pump starts priming air out of the suction line. A non-return valve shuts off the discharge side. As soon as the pump is primed, the float closes the vacuum pump connection and the centrifugal pump starts pumping liquid.

Flowrate:  From 190 m3/h to 7800 m3/h
Connection size: From 4” to 28”
Drive: Diesel / Electric / PTO tractor
Assembly: Sound attenuated canopy / open frame

2. Self Priming Pump

Self-priming pumps are ideal for pumping slightly contaminated liquids with or without solid parts. This type is used in systems where priming can sometimes be difficult and where regular centrifugal pump does not work. Once the pump casing is filled with liquid, pumping air from the suction pipe is extremely simple. The rotation of the impeller draws the air present in the suction pipe into the pump casing. Air mixes with liquid present in the pump casing. Liquid and air are transported to the discharge outlet. When all the air has been removed from the suction pipe, the pump draws in liquid.

Flowrate:  From 21 m3/h to 1200 m3/h
Connection size: From 1.5” to 12”
Drive: Diesel / Electric / PTO tractor
Assembly: Sound attenuated canopy / open frame / Wheel barrow

2. Tractor Driven Pump

The design allows a direct power take-off (PTO) tractor drive without any additional transmission. Simple and reliable. Most importantly, ready for any emergency job!

Flowrate: max 1200 m3/h (B series), max 3000 m3/h (BA series)
Connection size: 12” and 16”
Required power: 55 kW and 125 kW
Assembly: 3-point suspension frame

1. Sound Attenuated Canopy

This galvanised sound attenuated canopy is fitted with two forklift pockets and two lifting points providing various options to ease the lifting and moving process. This type of frame is also stackable making it less spacious. It consists of four composite easy-access doors with extremely durable and lockable T-locks offering perfect grip. It is stackable making it less spacious.

2. Open Frame

This galvanised open frame is fitted with not only two forklift pockets but also with a single lifting point making lifting and moving process easy. This type of frame is also stackable making it less spacious.

3. Wheel Barrow

This galvanised wheelbarrow frame is fitted with single lifting point and two rubber tires. Self-priming pumps fixed to this wheelbarrow frame extends further the ease of use of mobile pumping sets.

  • For high flow or high head pumping requirement
  • Up to 7800 m3/h for a single pump
  • Featuring 100% mechanical priming system via built-in vacuum assisted system with air handling capacities of 50 m3/h or 100 m3/h
  • Pumps are fitted with non-return valve eliminating the need for a foot valve in the pipeline and allowing quick prime
  • Low noise emission with sound attenuated canopy
  • High efficiency pumps keeping fuel consumption to a minimum
  • Equipped with access points with large openings for easy cleaning and access to crucial parts.
  • 4 years limited warranty which covers over operating hours for pumps and prime unit.
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