• The aerator is a high efficiency low speed, open type vertical shaft aerator.
  • The aerator consist of 10 vertical blades connected at the circumference of a horizontal flat plate.
  • The shape of the blades is special designed for maximum splashing and mixing/propulsion of the water with minimum water friction. The blades are at the top side slightly folded into the direction of rotation to control the water splashing.
  • The horizontal flat plat is designed to whitstand the reaction forces of the water working at the blades however special care has been taken for avoiding the interfering of the natural splash pattern of the water.
  • The robust intermedian shaft is constructed as one-piece shaft and is connected to the gearbox by means of a rigid coupling with high strength fastenings bolts.
  • The aerator can be constructed either from (coated) carbon steel or stainless steel

low speed surface aerator-product information

The Astrox aerator is suitable for all surface aeration situations such as Oxidation Ditch, Complete Mix Basin and Lagoons. For both type of Waste Water Treatment Plants, municipal and industrial the aerator has been profen to operate to full satisfaction.

  • High efficiency (kg O2/kWh)
  • High mixing and propulsion capacity
  • Fine-drops splashing pattern
  • Great range of oxygen input (5 > 400 kg O2/h)
  • Suitable for all applications (Oxidation ditch, complete mix tanks and lagoons)
  • Low vibration
  • Low hydraulical forces
  • Non-clogging
  • Robust
  • Maintenance free

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